My Research

My entire research belief lies in two words: understanding and situatedness.

Technology should not control people. We need to first understand human beings to design and develop better technologies.

I am so much into situatedness because I strongly believe the world can be improved by people’s awareness and acceptance to each other as different individuals. I argue that technology has its own voice here. Therefore, I am responsible for taking care of this as a researcher, no matter how little I can truly contribute.

My research areas include HCIICTD, qualitative methodology, Science Technology and Society (STS), design theory, critical theory, and a few more. I am an interdisciplinary scholar.

My past research work focused on how people communicate through social media/instant messengers, how they appropriate these technologies, and how such technologies affect these people. Specifically, I studied the way Chinese people use WeChat. I will continue studying WeChat and the relation between WeChat and its users in the future.

I’m working with Dr. Betsy DiSalvo at Georgia Institute of Technology.

I used to work with Dr. Shaowen Bardzell and Dr. Jeffrey Bardzell at Indiana University.


Edited on August 9th, 2017